Many of us have fond memories of singing nursery rhymes from our childhood and passing them on to our children. Whether it’s Humpty Dumpty or The Wheels on the Bus, these rhymes are universally catchy. Recently, one adorable child captured the hearts of millions with her rendition of “Old MacDonald.”

Josie, a delightful two-year-old, has a deep love for animals like many children her age. Her parents even gifted her a finger puppet toy featuring barnyard animals. Little did she know that what followed next would make her an internet sensation.

In 2014, Josie stood in the doorway of her parents’ bedroom and sang a charming rendition of “Old MacDonald.” Despite not fully understanding all the words, she put her heart into singing as best as she could.

Josie sings about dogs, cats, cows, and even a small duck among the animals in her rendition. Her endearing performance is sure to bring a smile to your face, with her enthusiasm and cute expressions. As she wraps up the nursery rhyme with a flourish, it’s impossible not to laugh along with her infectious joy.