One of the most delightful moments for new parents is mealtime and snacks. As their little ones enjoy delicious food, their adorable smiles and sounds fill the air, bringing joy to everyone around.

Michael Hoffman, proud father of twin daughters, shares their adorable family moments on his YouTube channel, where viral videos are not uncommon. Recently, his twin daughters have been frequently found raiding the snack cabinet.

These two little darlings share more than just genetics; they also share a deep love for marshmallows. Charmed by their enthusiasm for this sweet treat, Michael cheerfully hands them a platter of marshmallows in response.

His delightful daughters sit together, enjoying the fluffy sweetness of tiny marshmallows. One carefully nibbles on small pieces, while the other enthusiastically stuffs handfuls into her mouth. It doesn’t take long before this charming pair is ready for another round of snacks.