Elvis Presley, America’s “King of Rock and Roll,” likely never imagined that one of his most enthusiastic fans would be a spirited 1-year-old. Yet, as shown by her lively car karaoke, this tiny dynamo truly knows how to rock out.

It seems this isn’t the first time 1-year-old Ella Mae has delivered a spectacular show from her car seat—her father has cleverly positioned a camera in the back seat before taking the wheel. As the tot poses for the camera, we have no idea a musical masterpiece is about to unfold.

First, we’re treated to an adorably charming display of toddler adoration as Ella Mae calls out to her father. He starts the car, and as Elvis Presley’s “American Trilogy” begins to play on the radio, her sweet shouts of “daddy!” fill the air.

Ella Mae’s favorite song happens to be this one. The little singer proceeds to belt it out, complete with dramatic arm gestures and expressive facial emotions, after taking a moment to compose herself. We believe “The King” himself would be proud of this tiny girl’s ability to feel the music.