Often, infants are born with little to no hair, but two British brothers were blessed with full heads of hair at birth.

Lindsay Shelton’s children from Northampton, UK, have left a lasting impression with their remarkable hair.

Her two sons, George and Stanley, may appear ordinary at first glance, but both were born with thick, luscious hair.

During George’s delivery, the obstetricians had to use scissors because his hair was so long it covered his eyes and nose. His hair grew quickly, requiring three haircuts in the first six months.

George disliked haircuts, slowing the process down, so his parents took him for his first professional trim at nine months old. The barber was so amazed that he took a picture with George, saying he had never seen such hair on a baby.

Four years later, Shelton had another son, Stanley, who was also born with long hair that grew straight and tall within a few months. Lindsay’s husband Simon joked that Stanley looked “electrocuted” due to his hair’s gel-like appearance.

Unlike his brother, Stanley enjoys his barbershop visits. Lindsay humorously noted to keep him away from hats, as they wouldn’t stay on.

The Shelton brothers’ thick, rapidly growing hair is likely due to genetics, as their parents also have similar hair qualities.