It’s natural for every parent to believe their child is the most special. Many parents joyfully share photos of their children online, celebrating their birth with the world.

Stephanie did just that by posting a photo of her baby Amai. The responses online were mixed.

Some visitors to Stephanie’s page doubted the authenticity of the photos, thinking the child looked too much like a beautiful doll to be real. Others accused the mother of using photo-editing software to alter the images.

Amai possesses a remarkable and exotic appearance. Her large, beautiful eyes, jet-black and extraordinarily long eyelashes, and full, rounded lips, which seem enhanced by lipstick or pencil, give her a striking look.

The baby’s features were so expressive that many thought the pictures looked artificial, resembling a doll more than a human. However, Amai’s unique appearance is due to her multi-ethnic heritage. She is the daughter of a Latvian woman and an African American man, making her a stunningly beautiful mestizo.

Stephanie insists that her daughter was born with thick and long eyelashes. To prove Amai’s natural beauty, she uploaded a close-up video of her daughter’s face, showing she is indeed real.

Eventually, many came to appreciate that Amai’s natural beauty was even more impressive than any photo editing. Today, Stephanie has over 100,000 Instagram followers who eagerly await new images of Amai.