In New Jersey, it’s a legal requirement for citizens to keep their houses and yards orderly to help maintain the state’s highways in a sanitary condition. However, achieving such upkeep can be challenging, as tasks like painting and mowing require both time and money, which not everyone has.

Ann Glancy, a retired educator, faced difficulties maintaining her home and garden. Her pension was insufficient to cover even her basic expenses, let alone home maintenance. As a result, her home looked neglected, with peeling paint and an overgrown yard.

Despite her struggles, Ann had no one to turn to for support; she had no children and lived alone. When neighbors Christina and Adam offered to help with the landscaping, she initially declined. However, after receiving an expensive fine she couldn’t afford, her neighbors decided to help her regardless.

Friends and relatives of the neighbors rallied together to support the effort. They worked weekends and any free time over the summer to fix up Ann’s home. They replaced old boards, repaired windows, and refurbished the porch and surrounding environment. Their dedication was so thorough that, after three months, the house was unrecognizable.

Though hesitant at first, Ann eventually accepted the help and even befriended the volunteers. Thanks to her neighbors’ generosity, Ann avoided spending over $10,000 on necessary repairs, transforming her home and improving her quality of life.