Since it is well-known that twins often look remarkably similar, we usually attribute this resemblance to their shared biological origins.

It’s possible they might not look alike as infants, but as they grow older, they often begin to show signs of their sibling relationship.

However, sometimes nature can truly astonish us.

In the case of these uniquely distinct twins, the girls have kept copies of their birth certificates on hand to prove their shared origin.

Their parents were completely unprepared for the stark contrast between their newborn twins. There was indeed a significant difference between the two.

Statistically, the chance of having twins with different racial appearances is about one in 500, making these sisters quite unique.

There are other children in the family who all share their mother’s darker skin tone, except for Luna, who is the only child with a pale complexion.

Like most siblings, the twins are very different from each other.

Despite their differences, they share one common feature: both have naturally curly hair. While Luna dislikes these curls, she still takes the time to arrange them. The sisters remain very close to each other despite their differences.