Thylane Blondeau was once named the ‘world’s most beautiful girl,’ reaching the peak of her beauty at that time.

While some children grow up to be considered the “most beautiful child,” currently, that title is held by siblings Dima and Katya. Their appearance is quite unique.

Often compared to heavenly angels, Dima and Katya have already collaborated with some of the world’s most renowned companies despite their young age. Their success can be attributed to their mother’s striking looks. Although she attempted a modeling career in her youth, it was not successful.

Her children, however, have carried on this path, achieving impressive feats. In the presence of her children, Katya and Dima, the mother radiates beauty. Those who saw her picture were thrilled.

Naturally, there was curiosity about the children’s father, but he remains private and his photo has not surfaced online.

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