Bobby Sherman gained fame as a teen idol in the 1960s, known for hit singles like “Little Woman.” However, after becoming a father, he shifted gears, pursuing a career in emergency medicine which he found deeply fulfilling.

Sherman’s multifaceted career includes singing, acting, and occasional songwriting. In the early 1970s, amidst his musical successes and roles in shows like “Here Comes The Bride” and “The Partridge Family,” he felt overwhelmed by work and sought a change.

He built a recording studio at home and focused on raising his two sons, Christopher and Tyler, whom he adored.

Despite the challenges, Sherman found a balance between career and family until his divorce in 1979. Post-divorce, he dealt with a stalker, Ethel Richards, who was eventually arrested after an unsettling visit to his home.

Sherman’s journey took a dramatic turn when he discovered a talent and passion for emergency medicine while caring for his children’s injuries.

He pursued training as an emergency medical technician (EMT), later becoming a sworn police officer with the LAPD and the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department. His roles included teaching first aid and CPR to thousands of officers, earning recognition as LAPD’s Reserve Officer of the Year in 1999.

His new career brought unique rewards, including the delivery of five babies in the field. In 2010, Sherman married his second wife, Brigitte Poublon, and together they founded the Bobby Sherman Volunteer EMT Foundation, which supports medical services at charitable events in Southern California.

Despite leaving behind his teen idol days, Sherman remains grateful to his fans and cherishes a quiet life with Poublon, enjoying visits from their children and grandchildren.