This 105-year-old great-grandpa was overjoyed at the prospect of meeting his great-grandson for the first time. It’s a rare blessing to be able to hold one’s great-grandchild.

Parents Susan and Jason Zwolak had been eagerly anticipating this special moment since the birth of their son, Easton. They took Easton to meet his great-grandfather, Pop, five days after he was born.

Susan and Jason have cherished memories of Pop from their childhood and were thrilled that Easton would get to meet him.

Pop was extremely excited but understandably nervous about meeting Easton. He initially worried about holding Easton and was hesitant to do so.

When Pop first refused to hold Easton, Susan reassured him that it was okay and encouraged him to give it a try. After a couple of minutes, Pop hesitantly extended his hands, his heart filled with excitement.

When Pop finally held Easton, his face lit up with joy. Susan’s eyes filled with tears as she watched grumpy grandpa transform into a joyful little boy, his face beaming with happiness. Pop gazed at Easton’s face, nodding repeatedly.

Easton, who was fast asleep, woke up to his great-grandfather’s affection. Pop held him closer to his chest, and Easton snuggled up to him, finding comfort in his great-grandfather’s embrace.

The proud parents watched as Pop caressed Easton’s face gently and looked up at them with sheer joy. At such an advanced age, finding something that brings happiness can be rare. This meeting meant a lot to Pop, who loved spending time with his grandchildren.

In today’s world, meeting your great-grandchild is a rare and celebratory moment. Watch the precious moment in the video below.