This is the story of a woman who gave birth to a child and immediately abandoned him because he was black. It’s likely that the mother had cheated on her husband, and the child was the evidence.

Without hesitation, the woman wrote a rejection letter right after giving birth, informing her husband that the child was not lively.

The boy, abandoned by his mother, was left completely alone. The hospital staff prepared all the necessary documents to transfer him to a new home.

However, one of the nurses noticed that the child was not in perfect health. The newborn began to experience oxygen deprivation, prompting specialists to fight for his life.

Fortunately, the boy recovered and was set to move to an orphanage. But the nurse who first noticed his condition couldn’t forget his small hands and enchanting eyes.

She told her husband about the situation and how the boy had touched her heart. She began persuading him to adopt the child.

The couple had been unable to have their own children, but the man was initially against adopting the boy. Miraculously, the woman managed to convince him, and the boy, named Mark, found a new mother and father.

The story didn’t end there. A new happiness came to the family, and a year later, the woman became pregnant!

Now, the couple has two beautiful children.