When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle moved to the United States, they remained in the public eye, despite expressing a desire for a more private life. Their new documentary series has stirred significant reactions, leaving viewers with feelings ranging from happiness and astonishment to anger and horror. The series explores their early relationship and their journey to marriage while also critiquing the Royal Family and the challenges they faced before their departure.

The documentary also offers a glimpse into their personal lives as their children, Archie and Lilibet, grow up. It has been reported that Harry and Meghan will not be celebrating the holidays with the British royal family at Sandringham. Instead, their children will spend Christmas with relatives on Meghan’s side. Archie and Lilibet have largely been kept out of the public eye, as Harry and Meghan have chosen not to share many photos of them.

Nevertheless, the Netflix documentary provides an intimate look into Harry and Meghan’s lives, including photos and videos of their beloved children. One standout moment for viewers is a particular detail about Archie.

Although Archie had not yet spoken or walked, he was already involved in a significant issue within the Royal Family, beginning with Meghan’s revealing interview with Oprah Winfrey. In the interview, Meghan spoke candidly about the difficulties she faced in the UK, including an incident where palace insiders allegedly discussed the potential darkness of Archie’s skin before he was born.

Harry and Meghan welcomed Archie into the world just before their official royal duties ended on March 31, 2020. After the birth of their daughter, Lilibet, in 2021, the family of four now lives in the US.

According to tradition, the parents of a newborn royal are expected to publicly share the first photo of their child. This was the case just two days after Archie’s birth in 2019, with a post featuring Prince Harry joyfully holding his son alongside Meghan.

Archie was also brought into the spotlight during the Oprah interview, which was not the only event where he gained attention. The Royal Family, including Harry’s brother William and Kate Middleton, expressed joy at Archie’s birth. There were reports that Kate offered to take the first photos of Archie, but Meghan allegedly declined, preferring to hire a photographer instead.

Kate Middleton has long been interested in photography, even shooting photos for Camilla’s guest edition of Country Life Magazine. However, she was not allowed to take photos of Harry and Meghan’s children on this occasion.

Lilibet has also been part of another notable event. According to Harry and Meghan, she is a princess. The family traveled to the UK for Trooping the Colour last year, marking Lilibet’s first visit. They celebrated her first birthday with a garden picnic at Frogmore Cottage, where their friend Misan Harriman captured a beautiful photo of Lilibet. Reports claim the Queen refused Harry and Meghan’s request to have a photographer present when Lilibet met her great-grandmother.

The documentary series has revealed much about Harry and Meghan’s lives and continues to provide insights. The first three episodes focus on their childhoods and the early stages of their relationship. The series includes previously unseen footage and intimate interviews. One highlight is Harry and Meghan’s time at their Montecito home, showing family moments with Archie and Lilibet.

Despite their desire for privacy, the series offers a deeper look at their children. Archie, in particular, has captured viewers’ attention, appearing several times and speaking for the first time in the documentary. His American accent has sparked significant discussion among fans.

A scene shows Harry and Archie bird-watching from their Montecito home’s terrace, with Harry advising his son to remain quiet to observe hummingbirds. Archie, however, quickly gets loud, amusing his parents. Meghan gently responds to Archie’s remark about his dirty foot, highlighting the importance of the moment for Harry.

The documentary features personal photos of the family, including one of Harry and Archie under an umbrella and another of Archie on Harry’s shoulders. Viewers also see moments of Meghan and Archie tending to their chickens and celebrating his birthday with Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland.

Princess Diana’s influence is evident in the series. Meghan introduces Archie to Diana through a photo, and the documentary includes touching moments that honor her legacy.

The series’ first episode features a stunning sunset, with Meghan asking Archie for his thoughts, to which he replies, “Well, it’s all done, beautiful.” Fans have reacted to Archie’s American accent, noting how it contrasts with his British heritage. Linguists suggest that Archie’s accent might change as he grows older and spends time in both the US and the UK.

Overall, the documentary series on Netflix offers an intimate look into Harry and Meghan’s lives, highlighting their personal moments, challenges, and the joy of raising their children.