A line dance is a choreographed dance following a specific sequence of steps. The Macarena is a well-known line dance familiar to almost everyone.

What we are about to see is more related to country music, specifically country-western line dancing.

If you’ve ever thought about gathering 100 dancers for a routine, we have an amazing video for you. It’s amusing to watch a hundred people perform those moves with such precision and timing.

The key aspect of line dancing is that dancers form one or more lines, all facing the same direction, without making physical contact with each other.

Have you heard of Italy’s Voghera Country Festival? It’s one of Europe’s largest and most anticipated national events.

Initially, the festival was held for Independence Day, aiming to gather people for fun. The organizers later renamed it VCF, turning it into an annual event.

Some of the top American artists come to compete in various styles, including country line dance, two-step, West Coast swing, and Catalan style, alongside their European counterparts.

It’s easy to see that dancing is an excellent way to bring two cultures together.

As a result, the Wild Country ensemble amazed everyone with their “One Hundred” show at the 2017 Voghera Country Festival dance competition.

Over 100 line dancers took the stage, impressing the audience with their incredible technique, choreographed by Adriano Castagnoli.

Having a truly American event like this in the heart of European culture helps bring people together and exemplifies how dancing can bridge cultural differences.

The main goal is to have fun, which the performers certainly achieved. For those unfamiliar, Wild Country is a group of Italian dancers who use their performances to express their love for American culture.

Restless Heart’s “You Can Depend On Me” sets the background as the dancers line up for their performance. Men, women, boys, and girls all come together for an incredible display that will leave you in awe.

The performance is polished, and everyone appears to be thoroughly enjoying themselves — and the coordination among the dancers is simply remarkable.

If you didn’t know country-western dancing was a thing in Italy, this is a fantastic opportunity to discover something new.

The dancers are attired in jeans, white shirts, and cowboy hats, presenting a delightful sight with their well-coordinated attire and dance moves.

Choreographer Adriano and his partner Monia are positioned in the front row, showcasing a beautiful chemistry between them.

Adriano and his team certainly know how to ignite the party atmosphere.