When a 20-year veteran lost his life in the line of duty, many officers whose lives he had touched came together to honor him by escorting his daughter on her first day of kindergarten, months after his passing.

August 8, 2022, was a significant day for Anna Stolinsky, as it marked her first day of kindergarten. Unfortunately, her father, Police Lt. Kevin Stolinsky, could not be there. He passed away in November 2021 after a medical emergency while on duty.

Kevin Stolinsky was a dedicated officer with over two decades of experience in La Vergne. He built lasting relationships and made a significant impact on those he worked with. His friends and family deeply felt his loss, especially his daughter Anna and his wife, Casey Stolinsky.

To honor Kevin’s memory and his love for his daughter, his colleagues decided to escort Anna on her first day of school. This touching gesture moved many and left Anna feeling bittersweet. Officers from multiple departments lined both sides of the parking lot, creating a walkway for Anna as she approached the school.

A video of the event shared on Facebook captured the emotional moment. Anna, dressed in a red top, beige skirt, long white socks, and sneakers, walked towards the camera, giving high-fives to the officers. Her grandmother and mother were there to witness the heartfelt sendoff.

The officers’ support and the warm atmosphere brought smiles and hugs, making it a special day for Anna. Her mother, Casey, expressed her gratitude, saying, “It was a very, very special day. All those officers who came out to support the memory of my husband.”

The gesture, while heartwarming, also reminded Anna of her father’s absence, bringing a mix of emotions. The video resonated with many online, garnering over 100,000 views and numerous likes. Comments poured in, thanking the officers for their thoughtful act and for making Anna’s day memorable.

One comment summed up the sentiment: “This is so wonderful. Thank you each and every day for making her day so special.”