This couple has four children, and surprisingly, none of them inherited their parents’ eye colors. Despite the fact that the daughter has brown eyes and her husband has green eyes, their children end up with completely unexpected eye colors.

Eye color is typically inherited genetically, but nature sometimes surprises us. It’s possible for children not to inherit the eye color of either parent, and there’s a scientific explanation for this phenomenon. For example, if both parents have the same eye color, there’s a 12.5% chance their child will have a different eye color.

In this family’s case, this is exactly what happened. After additional testing, it was confirmed that all the children were healthy.

These children have incredibly beautiful eye colors that were completely unexpected. Their uniqueness has made them quite popular on the internet, with their Instagram profile already garnering over 70,000 followers. People often notice their eye colors and compliment them when they’re out in public.

The children themselves are happy with their appearance. Nature truly has its own way of surprising and delighting us. Would you like to have such a unique eye color?