As the proverb goes, “Do a good deed and hurl it into the sea.” Khemjira Klongsanun, who owns two dogs and knows their quirks well, encountered a small puppy on the side of the track during a marathon.

There were no houses or people nearby. She decided to carry the puppy and continued participating in the race.

Khemjira said, “It seemed to me that this little guy was going to die. There were no buildings, no animals, no people nearby. And I picked up the puppy to take him out of a dangerous situation.”

Since carrying the puppy was not allowed by the marathon’s rules, no one stepped in to help. However, the puppy caught the interest of other participants.

Khemjira did not finish the marathon with the best result, but that was not the most important thing.

She later took the puppy to the vet for examinations and then brought him to his new home. It turned out he wasn’t even a mongrel, but a purebred Thai Bangkaew dog.

The puppy was named Chombueng, in honor of the place where the marathon took place.