Wesley, a young photographer, was kayaking in Belize, taking pictures. He was startled when he came across a small, tree-covered island. Amidst the branches, he saw a malnourished and emaciated dog. The animal, exhausted, wagged its tail, with ribs visible through its thin, tense skin.

Regardless of how the dog got there, Wesley couldn’t leave it behind. His heart broke the moment he saw the dog. He called out for anyone nearby who might be able to help, but quickly realized they were alone.

Wesley secured the dog, whom he named Winston, in the canoe. After 36 hours, he couldn’t abandon the stray dog.

The community rallied to support them. Someone fed Winston and took him for a vet examination. Fortunately, the blood test results showed no serious health issues. Wesley then took Winston to his home in Dallas.

At the airport, Wesley awaited his canine companion. “I was afraid he wouldn’t remember me,” he said. Initially, Winston was interested in Wesley’s shoes and seemed unsure how to react. But soon, Winston jumped and wagged his tail excitedly.

Shortly after, Wesley and his dog returned to the photographer’s home in Montana. Wesley believes they were destined to meet and will never be apart.