Everything in the royal family appeared okay ten years ago. After being married for a while, Prince William and Kate Middleton welcomed Prince George into their family. Harry was of course overjoyed to become an uncle.

Harry’s connection with his brother and sister-in-law was close at first, but it didn’t last long. Harry said in his book “Spare” that he had been essentially cut off from William and Kate. Now that Harry and Meghan have left royal life and revealed things about the dynamics of the royal family, William and Kate are said to have cut all connections with the Sussexes. Nevertheless, Harry and Meghan contacted the Princess of Wales to offer their support after learning of her cancer diagnosis.

How Prince Harry "cruelly betrayed" Kate Middleton revealed by royal expert

Harry is also said to regret what he wrote in his book about Kate. A royal expert said that he is now seen of as abandoning his sister-in-law, which some see as a betrayal.

In his recently released autobiography, Spare, Harry recalls the day George was born and he became an uncle for the first time.

“My name was Uncle. George was the first kid that Willy and Kate had received, and he was stunning. Harry said, “I was excited to teach him about rugby, Rorke’s Drift, flying, and corridor cricket, and maybe even give him some advice on how to survive life in the fishbowl.”

Prince William and Kate Middleton 'won't reunite with Harry during UK visit after major betrayal' - Mirror Online

Prince Harry’s connection to William and Kate

In 2013, Harry was questioned about his newborn nephew and his feelings about being an uncle when he was at an event.

A reporter asked Harry what his main duties as an uncle are. In response, he said, “To make sure he has fun, to keep him safe, and to make sure he has a good upbringing.” I’ll let the parents handle the rest.

William and Kate moved into Kensington Palace after having George because they needed more room. Harry, meanwhile, moved into Nottingham Cottage, which was well situated across the street from his brother’s new home.

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It didn’t take him long to detect a problem. The Duke said in his autobiography that he was first happy that Nottingham Cottage, which is close to Kensington Palace, was his new home. He said it was “half a football pitch away” from his house and that he could always hear William and Kate’s nanny pushing the stroller past.

“I could see myself dropping in to see them all the time,” he said, adding that it was “nice to get out of the old place, but even better to live in front of Willy and Kate.”

Harry imagined hanging out at William and Kate’s house, hanging out with George, and playfully wrestling with his nephew by “throwing himself on the floor.”

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Harry said that after George was born, William and Kate “never extended an invitation” to him. Harry saw a radically different universe.

“I assumed that I would get an invitation to their home at any time. However, the days passed, and nothing materialized,” he said. “I realized that I understood. They’re occupied! establishing a family! Perhaps three is a crowd. Perhaps after I am married, everything will turn around.

Tensions between William and Kate grew as the years passed and Harry and Meghan’s relationship developed from meeting to dating to marriage. Harry said in his book that he had a fight with his brother, but Kate was also criticized when the Sussexes revealed information about the royal family.

Prince Harry in 'painful place' after writing about Kate Middleton in 'Spare': expert

Meghan said that Kate Middleton made her weep over the flower girl outfits on her wedding day during the Oprah interview. The British tabloids’ prior statements were expressly refuted by this remark.

Subsequently, the Duke revealed private phone exchanges that Meghan and Kate exchanged after their argument over Princess Charlotte’s bridal outfit in Harry’s 2023 book “Spare.”

Princess Charlotte was supposed to be a flower girl at the wedding, which was held in St. George’s Chapel on the grounds of Windsor. She was supposed to wear a certain dress.

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What Harry in “Spare” Told About Kate Middleton
The flower girls wore “French couture” dresses all of which had not been fitted before they were made. Harry noted as a result that certain modifications were anticipated.

After texting Kate, Harry wrote in his book that he discovered his future wife “sobbing on the floor.” “Charlotte’s dress is too big, too long, and too baggy,” Kate allegedly wrote Meghan, according to Harry. When she tried it on at home, she sobbed.

Harry first said that Kate was hesitant to go to Kensington Palace and see Meghan’s dressmaker in order to change the outfit. Ultimately, it was necessary to have every bridesmaid’s gown redone.

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Harry clarified that, despite the event, “Kate hadn’t meant any harm” with her messages and that, the next day, Kate paid them a visit and apologized in a card.

But Harry only related this one incident with Kate in “Spare.” Harry claims in another passage of the book that Kate “grimaced” once when Meghan wanted to use her lip gloss. The Princess of Wales winced when Meghan, using her fingers, applied the lip gloss.

In addition, Prince Harry said in his book that stereotypes prevented Kate and Meghan from connecting, erecting “a bit of a barrier.”

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Harry was in a “painful place” after learning that Kate had cancer. Not only did the news hurt the royal family, but Harry and Meghan were also greatly impacted by it. It is said that they learned about it via the media rather than from their UK relatives.

It was said that after the public revelation of Kate’s cancer diagnosis, the Sussexes made contact with her. A royal expert, however, speculated that Harry probably regrets what he said about her—especially in light of the Princess of Wales’s current difficult circumstances.

Royal scholar Tessa Dunlop said that Harry is now in a “painful place” in an interview with Us Weekly in early April, when she was promoting her book “Elizabeth & Philip: A Story of Young Love, Marriage, and Monarchy.”

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“It’s quite a painful place to be in when you do find out that your sister-in-law has cancer and you’ve written stuff that can’t be retracted,” Dunlop said.

As previously said, Harry and Meghan learned of Kate’s condition from news reports, much like the rest of the world, rather than from their own family members.

Following Kate’s cancer diagnosis, the Sussexes released a statement wishing for her well-being and wishing that she may get treatment in secret and quiet.

Tom Quinn, a royal specialist, said that Harry found it difficult to process the news. He wanted to be there for his sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, but he also had to stand by his wife, with whom Kate was not friendly.

Prince Harry is in a 'painful place' with Kate Middleton after cancer news, says expert - Mirror Online

The Duke had to make a decision since he was “torn” by this predicament.

He is divided between being loyal to his wife and feeling sorrow for the lady he was so close to. He really misses that loving, simple connection. After losing his mother, losing Kate was Harry’s second major bereavement, Quinn told the Mirror in April.

At first, Harry and Kate Middleton had a close bond, and it seemed that the future senior members of the royal family would have a bright future when he married Meghan. The royal family, particularly King Charles, is saddened by the growing separation because he has seen firsthand how his sons and daughters-in-law have exacerbated an already tense and poisonous relationship.

Harry may have had good cause to share his thoughts on Kate, but according to a royal expert, he “cruelly betrayed” his sister-in-law. Royal expert Phil Dampier, who spoke to The Sun, believes Harry might have helped Kate Middleton more when she was diagnosed with cancer.

Harry, a royal expert claims, “crucially betrayed” Kate
The royal expert says it “speaks volumes” that he hasn’t.

Dampier said, “Prince Harry once said that Catherine was the sister he never had, and they were very close.” “Therefore, their lack of speech is among Megxit’s most depressing features.”

“The Princess of Wales has been battling cancer, and Harry and Meghan haven’t spoken anything in the public arena to support her. They could have spoken in secret, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Harry could have taken steps to apologize for some of his outbursts and made an effort to come over and spend some time with Kate and William if he had been ready to support them. But it says volumes that he hasn’t.

The royal expert went on to say that there is no longer any trust between any of the parties. Dampier said that there is now little chance of reconciliation.

“Harry’s actions must have affected William and Kate a great deal, and whatever of his previous complaints, there was no justification for turning them into a lucrative venture. The fact that George, Charlotte, and Louis, their children, are unaware of their relatives is unfortunate, and Kate will be quite disappointed with the way things have worked out.

Dampier concluded by stating, “She and William needed Harry and Meghan’s support because they now have a huge burden going forward as the future of the monarchy.” Therefore, a strong feeling of betrayal will exist.