Patricia Williams experienced a miracle when her third son, Redd, was born with extremely thin hair. As he grew older, it became clear that Redd was a true albino, not just blond. His unique features included flawless white hair and captivating almond-shaped eyes.

To trace the genetic origin of this condition, doctors conducted a study. They concluded that Redd inherited these traits from his 85-year-old grandmother, the only albino individual on the Indian reserve.

Interestingly, the grandmother was unaware of her albinism until she showed a picture of her Indian cousins, revealing she was the only blonde.

The story continued with the birth of the couple’s second son, who also had the same condition six years later. Both children are growing into happy, healthy boys with distinctive white hair.

Despite their unique appearance, the boys lead completely normal lives. Redd gained attention from advertising firms and participated in various photoshoots for different products.

The parents of Rockwell and Redd feel fortunate and proud of their sons for gaining recognition. Passersby often request to take pictures of the boys due to their distinctive features.