Security video from Boynton Beach, Florida, shows a bunch of Good Samaritans saving a driver who had a medical emergency and lost all control of her vehicle at a major junction.

A coworker spotted the woman slumped over her steering wheel as her car sped diagonally past the stoplight two lanes over. She ran across the street, flailing her arms in the air to alert other motorists to the situation.

A service member dressed in camouflage trailed close behind but was cut off by passing cars.

“Our belief is that they both left work and were in lanes adjacent to one another,” Boynton Beach police spokesman Stephanie Slater said. “As a result, a coworker turned to see her coworker slumped over the steering wheel.”

As other drivers exit from their cars and approach the moving car, the coworker, subsequently identified as Jannette Rivera, tries to direct the black sedan to safety.

To keep the car from hitting other vehicles, the group grouped together and pressed up against it.

A woman then retrieved a small dumbbell from her vehicle and handed it to a male, who smashed the back window.

Someone else got inside the vehicle to open the passenger door and park it.

The group then pulled the automobile to a neighboring 7-Eleven, where the unconscious driver was aided by a nurse on the phone with 911 until a fire department crew came.

CBS12 News later identified the woman as Laurie Rabyor. She claimed that before a medical procedure on May 5, she took blood pressure medicines and fasted.

She became disoriented while driving and attempted to pull over to a petrol station, but she began convulsing.

Laurie didn’t realize she’d passed out until the next day, but she’s healed and returned to work since then.

“It means a lot to me. I don’t know how to convey my thankfulness because I’m at a loss for words. “I wish I was a rich so I could buy y’all a boat,” Laurie said to CBS12 News if she met her rescuers.

The Boynton Beach Police Department posted the CCTV video on its social media accounts after the incident in the goal of finding and thanking the Good Samaritans.

The police department commented, “We’re posting this footage in the hopes of uncovering the identity of all the strangers who joined together to save this woman’s life.” “They’re heroes, and we want to bring them together at the police station so they can be acknowledged and meet the woman they saved.”

They also supplied an email contact for the public information officer, to which anyone may contribute any leads.

Slater stated, “It definitely restores your confidence in people.” “We wanted to get this film out there and do something to pay tribute to these guys,” said the group.

The community praised the gesture of goodwill, and the department was inundated with calls and emails with suggestions within three hours of publishing the video.

The police have contacted a few of the friendly motorists and will reunite them with Laurie at their headquarters, according to an update.

U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Juan Chavez was later identified as the soldier in uniform who stopped to help.

“At first, she was unresponsive,” he recounted. “She became more responsive once we got the door open.”

Davita Peele, a USPS employee, claimed she was on her way to Home Depot after getting off work when she saw a woman yelling “help me, help me” as she ran through the junction.

She stepped out of her car and started directing traffic when she noticed something was really wrong.

“I had no clue what was happening on, but something snapped when I saw that woman reaching over [the steering wheel].” Anyone, at any time, could be affected. She stated, “We need to help each other.”

Thank you to everybody who stepped up to help this woman!

Watch the video below!