It’s fascinating how animals can improve and improve human lives. They have the power to alter one’s quality of life.

Animals have the ability to fulfill wishes. They have the ability to alter one’s life experience. Bertha Komor, an elderly woman, is 104 years old.

She is one of the oldest inhabitants of a Connecticut retirement facility. A penguin had always been a dream of the woman’s.

The elderly lady’s wish was granted by the caregivers. The Twilight Wish Foundation was dealt with by them.

They brought a penguin with them. The penguin was 35 years old when he passed. Red Green was the moniker given to the penguin. The penguin had been transported from Mystic Aquarium.

The elderly lady was able to stroke the penguin. Her eyes gleamed with delight as she realized her lifetime desire had come true. She even broke down in tears to express her joy. She was overjoyed that her wish had come true.

The woman was overjoyed because of the compassionate individuals. According to NECN, the elderly home’s partnership with Twilight Wish made everything free for them.