I can’t image how many hours of training they had to put in to do this. A truly outstanding performance.

College football games are all about having fun.

This is particularly true in the SEC, where college football takes precedence over even NFL games. But it’s not just the outstanding Division 1 athletes who keep these supporters entertained.

At halftime of every game, a variety of other entertainers are on hand to provide entertainment for the crowd.

Cheerleaders and band members are frequently seen pushing the fans to continue cheering on the home team.

You might even witness a famous artist or musician rocking out near the fifty-yard line if the game is big enough.

Texas A&M University takes football very seriously.

Since they take their football so seriously, that degree of perfection spreads to the other groups who share the field with the football teams.

This is one of those moments that requires multiple viewings to fully appreciate. It’s a film you’ll want to see over and over.

And who knows, maybe you’ll enjoy it so much that you’ll attend a real game at some point!

Watch the Aggies’ incredible performance in this video here: