One of the most rewarding aspects of being a parent is realizing that you and your children have similar interests. Sharing the same interests, especially if they involve music, is a terrific way to connect.

But I’m quite sure the father in the cute video below didn’t anticipate that moment to happen so soon in their relationship. His kid, on the other hand, is still in diapers but is already a huge Bon Jovi fan. Actually, she like her father’s guitar renditions of Bon Jovi songs!

Sydney Foye – this little cutie – has a well-developed musical taste despite the fact that she is just 8 months old. She’s also not hesitant to let her inner rocker shine. Despite the fact that she can barely stand on her two small feet, this baby girl feels the music in every bone in her little body, as seen by her remarkable reaction.

Sydney’s father, Aaron, remarked, “She was just the ideal height to grab up on the guitar and start strumming it.” “And she rocked out!” says the narrator. Thankfully, mom was present to catch this priceless daddy-daughter bonding moment on film. The video description reads, “A classic father-daughter moment you may have seen before.” “Adorable 8-month-old newborn girl jams out to Bon Jovi’s popular song, ‘Wanted Dead or Alive,’ with her father.”

The amazing moment may be seen in the video below!