During their pregnancy, twin sisters Erin Cheplak and Jill Justiniani joked that they would have their babies on the same day. They never imagined it would come to pass. But that is exactly how it went down. “This is no longer a joke,” Jill warned her sister over the phone just before Erin’s planned caesarean section on May 5.

“My water pipe burst.” The twin sisters gave birth to their first children just hours apart in a corridor at Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Anaheim, California. The babies were not only born on the same day in the same hospital, but their sizes were also identical. Jill Oliver and Erin Silas, the boys, were born weighing 3260 grams each.

The height increased by the same amount — 50.8 cm. Although the sisters were surprised by the timing of their sons’ births, they explained that it was part of the natural order of things. The 30-year-old Yorba Linda, California, twins have walked side by side their whole lives. Erin explained, “We always did everything together.” – It was incredible to be able to share every stage of life with each other. “We are truly best buddies.”

The sisters now work as teen occupational therapists in a polyclinic. Their tables are directly across from one another. They frequently exchange lunches. The sisters married a year apart and became pregnant within eight days of each other, which they said was not planned. Jill and her husband Jan had been trying for almost a year to conceive when they finally got pregnant – the morning of the Cheplak family’s belated wedding celebration in August 2021.

Given their shared life, the sisters seemed natural to go through all the difficulties of pregnancy together. It grew more comfortable for them as well. “There were so many unknowns since these were our first pregnancies,” Erin explained.