Because they believe they won’t be able to have a dog or a cat in their little home, a family keeps a rabbit as a pet.

Maisie, the family’s youngest daughter, wished to have a pet at home. Animals are something that the girl adores.

They had no idea the rabbit would grow up to be such a large and wonderful pet.

Cocoa Puff was the rabbit’s name. She is so lovely and adorable. Rabbits are about the same size as dogs and cats.

Seatle is where the pet resides. The big rabbit’s owner claims that the rabbit gets along swimmingly with their daughter.

They enjoy spending time with each other. The rabbit is a loyal and kind companion. They spent six months teaching the bunny how to be disciplined.

Because she is so intelligent, the cute bunny does not chew anything. Electric lines and computer cords are chewed by a lot of rabbits.

Food pellets, two large bowls of greens, and hay are all favorites of the rabbit. The bunny enjoys being outside and breathing fresh air.

None of the family members are bothered by the big rabbit. The rabbit is constantly the center of attention and is treated as a full family member.