People do acts of compassion for others every day; they just aren’t always seen. Last week, though, TiAnna, a Florida woman, observed a police officer doing something she thought was noteworthy.

TiAnna was strolling across the street from an Ocala Dunkin’ Donuts when she spotted a cop had parked her squad car in the parking lot. The cop was seated on the curb next to a homeless man. Officer Sergeant Erica Hay of the Ocala Police Department had brought the homeless man breakfast and wanted to sit and eat with him.

TiAnna was so moved by what she saw that she photographed it and posted it on Facebook. “It certainly changed my morning,” TiAnna added, “even though I was the only person lucky to witness less than two minutes of her generosity that definitely came from the heart.”

Sgt. Hay was caught aback when the tale went viral. Her department’s K-9 unit commander was unconcerned about what she had done, claiming that she had merely spotted the man sitting alone and decided to get him breakfast. She told the Ocala Post, “He turned out to be a very kind man with a sad tale.” He is a genuine individual.”

A simple reality that serves as a terrific reminder to everybody that being kind does not take much effort; all you have to do is pay attention to the person next to you!