Here’s a cute video of a rescued baby elephant receiving her first bath and loving it.

The existence of Chaba, the poor tiny creature, was difficult and torturous. Her mother was compelled to perform for the people to entertain them, therefore she was born in captivity.

The two were confined to a small cage with no access to food or water. If the cub’s life had not been saved by the kind volunteers at the Save Elephant Foundation, she would have faced this dreadful fate.

Following numerous attempts, the crew were able to liberate Chaba and her mother and take them to Elephant Nature Park, a Thai rehabilitation center.

Now they have their well-deserved serenity and feel safe. While the sweet mother appeared relaxed and relieved, the adorable infant was eager to explore her new surroundings. Her first bath there was the most exhilarating sensation of all. For her, it was both remarkable and amusing. She now looks forward to taking a bath every time. She enjoys splashing water and playing with it.

It’s good to learn that these elephants are in a secure environment where they can live happily and safely.

Watch the video here: