When you enjoy what you do, you can do it for years without becoming bored.

Dancing is a popular pastime all across the world. There are various sorts of dances, each of which allows the dancer to express themselves via synchronized movement.

The National SHAG Dance Championships, or NSDC, is one of the most well-known and long-running shag dance competitions in the United States.

Did you know that the National SHAG Dance Championship began in Myrtle Beach in 1984, marking its 38th year?

Unfortunately, the NSDC was unable to begin their competition last year, 2021, owing to restrictions with meetings and activities, but they are back this year, and everyone is excited!

“If you’re a professional dancer, why are you still doing it if you’re not learning new things?” According to the Salisbury Post, Stewart stated. “You can always learn something to push your dance to the next level, no matter what age you are or what level you are at.”

Don’t give up what you love if you’re in love with it. Do it, and develop your talent and skill.

Below is the video of their stunning performance.