The temperature of the water in South Lake Tahoe reached a scorching 30°C (86°F) one day, and given that the bears had to roam about in their fur coats all day, it’s easy to see why this family decided to go for a swim.

Jen Watkins, who had been in Pope Beach at the time, captured a large mother bear and her three children on camera.

Jen told KCRA News that when her toddler faced another four-legged beach visitor, she first noticed the mama bear.

«I assume (the mother bear) was coming out earlier…», she remarked. When she was protecting the golden retriever cubs, she became a little hostile.»

Fortunately, neither the dog nor the cubs were injured, and the mother went on to organize a picnic for her family, grabbing sandwich meat and a cooler from the people and transporting them into the woods.

The family returned to the water after lunch, when the cubs were observed swimming in the lake while stunned bystanders looked on.

«We were all a little astounded,» Jen admitted.

According to Newsweek, the black bear family discovered near Pope Beach is only one of 25,000-35,000 in California, with occurrences in North and South Lake Tahoe increasing in recent years.

Despite the fact that the mother bear did not damage anyone during her visit to Pope Beach, Placer County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Nelson Resendez emphasized that these creatures can be «very dangerous.»

When we’re in the foothills and Sierra (Nevada), we’re in their territory,» he explained.

«Don’t feed them, don’t entice them, don’t provoke them, and don’t approach them in that atmosphere… Respect their own space.