Niki Webber is only 33 years old, but she has gained weight since she was a teenager, when she indulged in sweets and sandwiches without considering the repercussions. When the woman got married, she recognized she needed to reduce weight and attempted everything from tight diets to hunger strikes.

She passed out several times and ran for yummy, oily dishes. And as soon as she reached 290 kilograms, she understood she needed to make a change in her life.

Nicky didn’t get a chance to get in and out of bed without someone’s help throughout this period. She then went to her own guardians, who didn’t think her daughter’s “condition” was serious and didn’t try to persuade her to live a healthy lifestyle.

They also created a special apparatus that allowed them to reach her on the top floor. A bizarre TV show in which Nicky took part greatly aided her.

The TV show aims to assist obese persons in losing weight. Nutritionists suggested a very stringent diet to a young woman who had surgery to decrease her stomach. After the operation, the woman pulled herself together, faced her worries, and shed 95 pounds in a year.

Niki lost 170 kg as a result of the operation and had a second operation to remove extra skin weighing up to 30 kg.

The woman currently weighs 85 kilograms and has no plans to stop there; she runs for 4 to 6 kilometers every day. Nicky doesn’t get the chance until she realizes she’s coped and transformed into a stylish girl with a normal life. Nicky met her future husband Mark in the gym, and the two hit it off right away. After a while, he proposed to her.

Nikki is almost fully conscious of the mistake she almost made in her life at the moment, and she expresses her gratitude to those who were able to assist her on her journey to perfection. She believes that a person is responsible for understanding and correcting his own mistakes as quickly as feasible.