This is the terrible story of the poor bear Cholita, who was eventually set free and restored to her natural habitat after suffering for 20 years.

When Cholita, an endangered spectacled bear, was a cub, she was living a nightmare. She was removed from her mother’s care and brought to a circus in Peru. She was made to live in a tiny cage and was only ever let out to perform in front of people.

She was also given incredibly cruel treatment. She was in a truly terrible situation.

When the authorities learned that the circus was operating illegally, the hopeless bear saw some relief. However, Cholita wasn’t given the freedom she desired and was instead taken to a zoo even after that.

However, everything was significantly altered thanks to Jan Creamer, the executive director of Animal Defenders International, who learnt about the plight of the helpless animal and made the decision to track her down and assist her.

He made every effort to relocate Cholita, first to the ADI rescue facility and later to the woods, where she could live out the rest of her days in freedom and joy.

Finally, Cholita was taken to Taricaya Ecological Reserve, the place where spectacled bears are known to reside. She can live out the remainder of her days in peace and happiness there.

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