Driving was never boring for this Sydney, Australia, driver, but since more than a year ago, he now looks forward to going on drives even more. A really large huntsman spider is the cause!

Although seeing a spider inside a moving vehicle is arguably everyone’s worst nightmare, Chris Taylor found it to be a blessing. A spider sat on the dashboard while the 42-year-old man was traveling through Sydney’s streets.

But the man chose to keep it rather than run away or even get terrified. It took place almost a year ago. The two are still traveling together, and Chris even gave his strange copilot a name. She recently learned that the spider is actually a female, but he still refers to him as Steve.

The man told LADBible, “She just showed up one day around a year ago on the dashboard while I stopped at the light. He chose to allow her to stay because huntsman spiders are not harmful to humans.

She had numerous opportunity to escape the vehicle, but Steve chose to stay. She almost doubled in size since she first arrived, so she must really like Chris’ car.

She enjoys it in my car for some reason, Chris said. “I did pull her out of the car a few months ago, but the next day she was back beneath the sun visor. I’ve watched her grow, but she was only about half the size she is today.

While it is usually a pleasure for him to travel with Steve, this is not the case for Chris’ passengers!

“My passengers frequently startle or scream when I have them in my car,” he stated. Driving is much more thrilling with her in there, and Steve is fantastic at keeping me more awake when I’m behind the wheel.