Calum Scott, a former contestant on Britain’s Got Talent, is an international gem who never ceases to amaze his audience. His moving rendition of the artist’s megahit “You Are The Reason” is evidence of this.

Calum Scott gave a moving performance at the National Lottery’s large anniversary street party. A skillful team of sign language interpreters joined the brilliant singer, amplifying the emotional impact.

The performance on June 4 will be even more memorable because Calum Scott’s smash single has been streamed more than two billion times.

Calum Scott gave it his all in honor of Queen Elizabeth II. By infusing everything with genuine passion and purity of heart, everyone—including viewers at home around the world—is able to have an amazing experience.

A heart-wrenching encounter that can cause tears. Previously, Calum Scott participated in Britain’s Got Talent, where he began a lucrative music career that has brought the gifted performer all over the world.

Find the video below!