Kieron Williamson will soon turn 14 years old. But he is now well-known in the entire United Kingdom, earning the nicknames “little Monet” and “child genius.”

And roughly ten years ago was when it all began. The young artist created his first landscape while on a family trip.

A 14-year-old child was successful in safeguarding both his parents’ lives and his own future.

When Kiron was just four years old, he began painting flawlessly. Nearly all of his works include landscapes from Cornwall and the Norfolk region, where he likes to unwind.

The young artist pours his soul into his works, and it is evident immediately. Even Germany, the United States, and Japan were intrigued by his paintings.

His talent helped him become well-known.

Kiron has been auctioning off his artwork since he was eight years old.

At the young age of nine, he quickly sold 33 pieces for a total of $235,000. In under 20 minutes, he sold 23 online paintings totaling $360,000.

As a result, a regular schoolboy made 2.2 million dollars. All of Kiron’s earnings go into his parent-run business, Kiron Williamson Ltd.

Kieron Williamson is currently one of the wealthiest and most well-known young entertainers in Britain.

His paintings are highly expensive, with prices ranging from $3.5k to $30,000 per piece.

In 2009, the young artist sold his first works.

He was able to purchase a new home for his family with the money he made.