In this endearing act, Mark Daniels saved his daughter and became a household name. Mark Daniels has overnight risen to fame in the parenting community. His wonderful affection for his daughter moved many. But what specifically transpired to cause these feelings in people? His daughter appeared a little overwhelmed at the dress rehearsal. The two-year-old daughter of Daniels was in difficulty.

Having trouble with stage fright was Isabella. Isabella sobbed while curled up on the floor rather than dancing with her friends. Off stage, her father attempted to console her but failed. Daniels, a hulking Bermuda lawyer, was unprepared to handle a backstage collapse. He was aware that additional action was required.

The day is saved by dad. He came to the conclusion that he had to visit his young daughter, so he did. Among all these tiny ballerinas, Daniels found the upset daughter.

Dad even started to perform dance routines to assist his daughter feel more at ease on stage.

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