A small child’s visit to a fire station had a lasting impact on the lives of several firemen.

The fire captain and his guys were moved to tears when the child handed them a card that contained a request. It was impossible to predict.

Jack was approached by a small man who had a specific question he needed answered. Jack frequently received requests from energetic, young children who wanted to see the fire motor.

But he quickly saw that this boy was focused on something else and that it was his primary priority.

Jack was informed by John that his greatest love was for firefighters.

John was dressed in a t-shirt, regular pants, and a firefighter’s jacket. Jim found this to be pretty nice and it showed how devoted John was to the fire service.

Jack asked his mum about John’s love of firefighting. Sarah informed Jack that her better half worked as a firefighter.

John had grown up learning about firefighting as a result, and he frequently visited his father at the fire station. Jim felt touched by this since it brought back memories of his own loved ones…