The judges sat down and paid close attention when a young boy from the “Acquire Talent” round entered the stage. They were completely in awe of his performance when he started to dance.

With his assured and precise dance skills, 6-year-old Mario Prieto attracted all the pupils to the “Got Talent” shows. He not only performed the traditional flamenco dance of Spain, but also a hip-hop routine for the judges that everyone eagerly anticipated.

After the dance, the drama started when three judges whispered to Mario that Risto Mejid had cast the single “no” vote for the boy.

The young boy yelled out in agitation as a result. Mario began to cry but stopped when Risto approached him to explain that he was too young to participate in such a competition. Mario then claimed to have a clear understanding of everything.

After realizing that Mario would advance to the next round with three votes anyway, Risto eventually changed his vote. He wanted to show Mario his support and present him with a T-shirt that stated “Yes Risto.”

Here is the video: