She recently thought she had made an amazing purchase when browsing a secondhand store in New York City.

There, on one of the store’s display racks, was the one-of-a-kind fur cap that the future held; it was in startlingly good shape considering that it appeared to date all the way back to the 1950s.

However, that “cap” was something truly amazing anyway. In actuality, the “cap” was a feline. The woman was in awe.

She exclaimed, “I swear my heart leaped into my throat,” has just come to terms with reality as she stood up to try it.

In fact, the cute orange cat is snoozing among the ready-to-move products, making it seem as though she actually works at the thrift shop. Additionally, he has had a remarkable positive impact on clients over the long term.

A few groups that have written online reviews of the thrift store have attempted to single him out.

Finally, the woman was prevented from trying her hand at the traditional fur hat. She believed she had accidentally discovered it at the thrift store.

She did not leave angry, though, because of that interaction with the shop’s cutest employee.