Steve Harvey had the opportunity to interact with many gifted kids who had incredible personalities and charisma while serving as the presenter of “Little Big Shots.” However, he saw this tiny boy just as he was concluding that he had heard and seen everything.

Tommy Johnston is only four years old, but he already possesses the exceptional talent to amuse a large group of people with his amazing personality and natural sense of humor.

He demonstrated it by making everyone laugh during his visit on Steve’s show with his comments about his family, especially his elder brothers who “won’t share their women” with him.

And don’t assume that Tommy’s uniqueness is due solely to his upbeat disposition. The small child is also quite intelligent, and he can recognize the images of all 45 US presidents. In addition, he is highly knowledgeable about each of them individually.

Tommy has a lot going for him, and as he gets older, I can absolutely see him hosting a late-night program. I’m not sure what will make you smile more if this doesn’t.

Watch the video below!