Nicole and Todd Bailey of Sheffield have two beautiful girls, Harper and Quinn. They are identical twins. They are, however, significantly different because Harper is a remarkable little girl with Down syndrome. According to experts, the chances of a single cub being born with this hereditary illness are one in a million.

Specialists were unable to identify the condition in the womb, and all was resolved when Harper was born. She was the first to be born, followed by her sister Quinn 38 minutes later. After the birth, physicians apologized to the family for failing to recognize the breach, but the couple does not consider Harper’s sickness to be a problem and holds no blame on the specialists.

Nicola believes her child has no soul and believes that, despite their young age, they love each other and have a strong subconscious link. Kui Si, according to the woman, was also envious of her older sister, who was the first to have enough hair on her head to pick up a tail. The youngest could not yet boast of a haircut; only fluff could be seen on her head.

Harper began smiling before her sibling, according to Nicola. At the same time, the mother of two great daughters is certain that they cannot be compared because, although being sisters, they are completely different. In an interview with reporters, the woman brought up another critical point: the mindset of those surrounding Harper.

Unfortunately, the girl’s genetic abnormality is not her only issue. She was born with a cardiac abnormality and will undergo a complicated procedure to correct it when she is six years old. Various heart diseases are frequently discovered in the small “sunny.”

The lovely girls have an older sibling who was keen to add to the family. He waits for the females to mature enough to keep him company in the games.