Nature’s wrath is not always kind. Thousands of people are killed by tornadoes, floods, and tsunamis. This occurred in Thailand in 2004. A massive wave of phenomenal size and strength engulfed everything, ending 230 thousand of people’s lives.

The Alvarez-Belon family from Spain is among the survivors. Imagine the parents and their 3 sons coming to rest for the Christmas holidays and succumbing to the destructive force of nature.

The water was so powerful and so plentiful that it swept people away in all directions. They looked for each other for two days. After eight years, this terrifying and incredible story of survival was adapted into the film “The Impossible.”

How does the Alvarez-Belon family currently live?

After surviving all of this horror, these people realized the value of mutual assistance, support, and faith in their own strength. As a result, each of them chose the path of service to others.

Father Enrique Alvarez volunteered and is now assisting refugees. Lucas, the eldest son, decided to become a doctor and now works in one of London’s hospitals. Thomas, the middle son, was educated in America and believes that people should band together to improve the modern world.

The younger Simon, on the other hand, has yet to choose a profession. But he is certain that she will be involved in some way with helping others. Mother, Maria Belon, refers to the tragedy as fateful since if they survive it, their mission on this planet has not yet been accomplished.