All babies are miracle, and each one is unique and wonderful in their own way.

But a little kid who has been dubbed the “love baby” is truly unique.

Murat Engin (30) and Saida (28), his parents, couldn’t trust their eyes when they noticed the heart-shaped birthmark on their newborn child’s forehead.

Millions of people all around the world are obsessed with the adorable baby born in 2015.

Cinar was born at the end of the year 2015.

The tiny guy was immediately a celebrity in the delivery room, and the nurses couldn’t stop taking selfies with him.

What’s the reason? Cinar was born with a birthmark on his forehead.

“We saw the birthmark on his head for the first time after the nurse washed the blood off his skull,” his father, Murat, explained.

According to the Daily Mail, the young newborn was dubbed “the love baby.”

Cinar gained international notice and became a viral sensation.

Many people stop him and his parents on the street and ask to be pictured with their kid, according to his parents.

“Everyone grins and adores him when we’re out of the home; all our friends are inquisitive about the birthmark because it’s heart-shaped; they think he’s a love baby,” Murat added.

Cinar’s family thinks that his birthmark is a blessing from God, and he has been told since birth to treasure the reason he is unique.

“When we go to the clinic for evaluation, the doctors and nurses recognize him and refer to him as ‘the child of hearts,’ he already has a lot of fans.”

Cinar still has a large number of fans and followers all over the world who desire to follow his life adventure.

Cinar’s parents created an Instagram page so that others may observe how he is doing in his daily life.

He is now four years old and more lovely than ever! Do you believe he’s special as well?