The couple was advised that one of their triplets was in danger when they were 28 weeks pregnant. Doctors gave Chloe Dastan, 22, and her husband Roan a choice: preterm birth of triplets with all the implications, or saving the lives of only two children.

“We will not select from our children; we require everyone!” The parents stated unequivocally.

Chloe had to stay in the clinic with her daughter for a few weeks when the youngest of the triplets was born weighing only 600 grams.

But, thank God, everything worked out in the end. All three kids are safe and sound! They were soon reunited.

The most intriguing aspect is that not only was a pleased father waiting for them at home, but so were three additional brothers. The truth is that the weather’s boys were already growing up in the family.

Now, the mother of six children keeps a heartwarming blog about her large family (chloeandbeans — “Chloe and the beans”).

More than 350 thousand people have already signed up, simply because they adore this family and have held their fists and prayed for them during painful moments.

Look at Chloe if you’ve ever grumbled about how difficult it is to raise two or three children. Despite their ordeal, it appears that this is the most peaceful and cheerful family.

“And these are all our kids!” We are overjoyed!»

This is how happiness appears!