For the very first time period of five years, the man went to the hairdresser, and the master accomplished the impossible! He came in as a tramp and went as a true heartthrob.

The barber documented the metamorphosis on his YouTube channel; he saw a lot in his practice, but this man, to be honest, stunned me with his appearance.

For 5 years, a magnificent head of hair grew on his head, and the hair slid down to his face, transforming him into a harlot.

The master had a difficult time with this haircut because the hair was so long and twisted. He started by removing the superfluous strands, and then he added the curves that gave the haircut personality. As the barber later admitted, he took every precaution to avoid damaging the scalp.

The hairdresser took up his beard after finishing the client’s hair. He shaved her stubble and cut her hair in one motion.

The end result was stunning; the customer is completely unrecognizable!

If you still believe that five years for a haircut is an exaggeration, consider the following evidence of how much a hairstyle impacts a person’s appearance.

Watch the video here: