It’s a moment that every bride anticipates. I’m referring to the beautiful moment when they make their grand entry and walk down the aisle.

And most brides have a similar idea of how this important moment should unfold: them wearing a lovely white gown, waving and smiling at the guests, and, of course, them staring into the eyes of the man they chose to marry, while a string quartet plays in the background.

However, not all brides envision the moment in this manner. Some unconventional brides choose a less traditional approach. One of them is the bride in the video below.

Together with her fiance and a few extremely significant wedding party guests, they created a stunning entrance that no one will soon forget. They basically danced their way inside the chapel where the wedding was held, and it appears like they had a great time.

This is obviously not something you would expect to see at a wedding, which adds to the intrigue. Would you consider it for your wedding?

Find the video here: