Julian is his name, and he got famous on the Internet in a matter of minutes without even realizing it. And the fact is, he just did not notice Hollywood star Angelina Jolie, who was visiting one of Lviv’s cafes. A 14-year-old Lviv resident stated he was just listening to music and scrolling on Instagram at the time.

Julian claims that he happened to visit the cafe «Lviv Croissants» that day. He biked and then he decided to stop for a quick lunch.

“I sat down at a table and heard somebody speaking English out of the corner of my ear.” He didn’t seem to notice her. That is, he saw but had no idea who it was. “I had no idea…” says the man.

Yulik claims that despite having seen several films with Jolie and knowing who she is, he did not recognize her that day. After all, she is different and more attractive in real life.

“At the time, I was listening to music and reading through my Instagram account,” he remembers.

Yulik went home without suspecting anything after the coffee. And while he was still at home, his parents showed him the famous video, which quickly traveled on the Internet and made their son popular.

Watch the video here: