Vanya was born with no legs and with 1 arm. His parents promptly wrote a refusal, and he was moved to a baby house.

This boy was even featured on the television show “I Want to Have a Family,” but no one was eager to adopt him. The people around Vanya have already accepted that he would not have an easy existence and will spend his entire life without his parents.

But, thankfully, things worked out. Melanie and Jay Brederick, American spouses, learned about him.

The mother claims that she and her spouse fell in love with the baby right away. They already have an adopted Russian son in their home, so they wanted to add another. It should be remembered that Vanya might be adopted prior to Dima Yakovlev’s statute.

As soon as the paperwork was completed, the Bredericks transported Vanya to Asheville, North Carolina.

The youngster has been living in America since then, and he is now completely unrecognizable. He attends school and even participates in sports. He was fitted with a mechanical prosthesis that grow with him.

The child has already won medals in baseball events at such a young age.

Mechanical prostheses will be replaced by robotic prostheses as Ivan grows older. No one will notice that he is lacking limbs. His adoptive parents go to great lengths to ensure that their son does not require anything.

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