How does a 7-year-old earn $22 million? Just ask Ryan! The young man topped one of Forbes’ rankings and was declared the richest blogger. He defeated dozens of adult colleagues on the Internet and broke his own record last year – he previously ranked eighth on the list. What does he do, and how does he accomplish it all?

Ryan and his dad started a YouTube channel where he unpacked toys three years ago. The first video featured a review of a huge egg containing a figure. The child not only discussed a popular item, but also “experimented” with it. Disney characters were dragged down a slide into a pool while hiding inside big toy eggs.

The video eventually became the most popular on Ryan’s channel. Ryan Toys Review presently has over 1,000 videos and 17 million subscribers (think about it).

Outside of the Internet, the well-known YouTube blogger has grown in popularity. Walmart, one of the major retail brands, signed a contract with the boy. Under the Ryan’s World name, the network’s supermarkets now sell a variety of items and toys. It also included the baby’s favorite pizza. Think about it: this child was the first “unpacker” from the Web to go offline with such success.

According to the baby’s mother, the channel was created at the child’s request. He was only 3.5 years old at the time. The boy saw a video of toys being unpacked and wanted to join the blogger community. They went shopping to get something for the first evaluation. So the story of the smallest YouTube millionaire began.

All Ryan Toys Review videos are for children and families. The boy unpacks toys, tests with them, and occasionally just plays with them. Parents are not indifferent. They not only shoot video, but they also occasionally appear in it. Some of the videos are contrived and comedic in nature. Ryan is one of the few kids who can afford to pull various pranks. Eat without cutlery, for example, or scatter cereal. And he will not be compensated for this.

Advertising is the primary source of revenue. This includes pre-video and sponsored post revenue. The higher the cost of advertising in a popular material, the higher the cost of advertising in it. A portion of the proceeds, namely 15%, is directed to the trust fund Coogan Account. This is a closed account established under Jackie Coogan’s law (the famous child actor of the 20s, who was left without funds by his parents). The account will be closed until Ryan reaches the age of majority.

For obvious reasons, the child-house star’s and name were not revealed. In addition to the primary “job,” the boy’s family maintains the second Ryan’s Family Review channel, where followers can watch family videos and learn about the life of one of YouTube’s most successful bloggers.