Rescue story: in Sochi, somebody removed a dog from the canal. No one really knows how the creature ended up in the sea.

A group of kids walking along the river in Sochi recently spotted a dog in the water.

Fortunately, the non-apathetic residents of Sochi rushed to assist the critter in time.

The canine was unable to escape due to the base’s excessively high fortifications. When the dog arrived on shore, he immediately began to bounce happily around his heroes, as if to thank them for their kindness.

The dog also moves his tail there.

What is the importance of this? Furthermore, how could it be obtained? Everyone understands that a dog moves his tail when he is delighted to encounter a wonderful individual.

The major point here is that tail blending is an important component of a сhien’s corporeal lаngage.

The crew posted a picture of the dogs and wrote about their unbreakable friendship. They hoped that they would be adopted together.

They cannot live apart from one another. Their pictures quickly spread and got viral.