Someone displayed online images of a dog. It looks like this dog is unquestionably not a typical dog. As a result, they published images of a pitbull that went viral online.

The fact is that the dog has a lightning-shaped scar on the left side of his temple, which is situated and shaped similarly to Harry Potter’s.

The man embellished the photo proofreader with glasses and a Gryffindor bound to make the similarity even more obvious. Harry Potter scarred pit bull.

After being struck by a car, this bulldog came to the veterinary clinic where Bonadia works from a safe place. Fortunately, the dog is getting along well and his story is becoming more and more well-known everywhere.

“Before I even saw the legend, Harry Potter sprang to mind the most.” Adorable. Alchemist. When will he attend Hogwarts? — When the main Labrador writes him a letter. He’s a lovely child and a survivor.